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A roof and building envelope are your company’s most valuable asset.

But with its value also comes vulnerability. Unfortunately, many building owners and managers only hire a consultant when problems arise with their roofs and buildings. Although a consultant is certainly critical at this point, it’s important to bring in their expertise before problems arise.

At PRS, our roofing consultants apply their decades of experience, as well as their passion for roofing to craft several types of roofs. With PRS you get a company you can trust, one with a proven track record of providing quality service and the personal attention you deserve.

PRS covers every phase of your roofing & building envelope consulting needs.

Building owners and managers often utilize consulting services to make informed decisions about their roofs and buildings. A consultant offers roofing and building envelope experience and information to a building owner or manager without pressuring or misleading them. They work to provide expert guidance to property owners and managers on the design, installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of roofs and building envelope components.

We will partner with you during the design phase to prepare plans and construction documents. Not only can we help you avoid costly mistakes but we can also identify any areas where you can save money without compromising your roof or buildings integrity. We provide assistance with the bid process; outlining prospective bidders, conducting pre-bid meetings, and verifying bids. During construction, we will conduct inspections to ensure a smooth process and quality assurance. Even if you just want design consulting when renovating a specific portion of your structure, we will review any renovation plans to help ensure that all changes are being made correctly.

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What to Look for in a Roof Consultant

Hiring the wrong consultant can become a costly mistake. If they fail to identify issues, you may be left with even more expensive repairs down the road. We recommend looking for a certified professional with decades of hands-on construction experience dealing with roof and building envelope consulting and design. You’ll need an expert with proven experience navigating city codes and requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing consultant services!

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How Preferred Roofing Solutions Can Help

Our passion for roofing encompasses over 30 years. From a full roof replacement to a simple leak repair, PRS can work with you to design an
effective strategy tailored to your needs. In addition to conceptual design, we can develop detailed specifications and bid documents, detailed drawings, construction budgets, and on-site project management. We want to help you make unbiased, informed decisions about your roof.