infrared moisture survey for roof

On the surface, a roof may appear to be in excellent condition.

However, an infrared moisture survey is the most accurate way to see what is happening under a roofs membrane without causing any damage. If you’re considering a full roof replacement, the results of an IR scan may allow you to consider a “recover” instead of a full replacement.

Preferred Roofing Solutions is a full service, national roofing and building envelope consulting firm made up of industry professionals with more than 30 years of professional roofing experience. We welcome your inquiry about infrared roof moisture surveys and inspections for the early detection of potential moisture problems in your roof.

What is an Infrared Moisture Survey?

An IR camera is a valuable tool that could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Infrared roof moisture surveys evaluate the infrared radiation throughout your facility and create a report based on these findings. It’s one of the most non-intrusive procedures you can use for a building inspection to accurately locate and quantify trapped moisture. Our technicians have years of experience evaluating commercial roofing systems, so you can expect that your IR moisture scan will always be performed by a certified thermographer.

infrared moisture survey equipment

Why is Infrared Roof Moisture Survey Important?

Your building’s roof is continuously under constant attack from the sun and precipitation. An IR roof moisture survey reveals temperature differences between areas with moisture underneath them and dry areas, allowing you to identify damaged roof parts that are retaining moisture. Neglecting to examine your roof for damage can potentially lead to more expensive issues down the road. A moisture survey can help you determine when and where ongoing maintenance is needed and reduce repair costs to fix it.

Here are a few additional benefits that an infrared moisture survey has to offer:

  • Quickly detects moisture in the insulation
  • Not invasive to your roof system
  • Cost-effective due to advanced technology and short survey time
  • Extends the life of the roof
  • Reduces maintenance costs
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How Preferred Roofing Solutions Can Help

Looking for an expert to perform a roof moisture survey inspection? Our IR services extend to coating manufacturers and roofing contractors as well. Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a detailed report that includes a summary of the findings, our recommendations, and budget projections. When you’re ready to protect your building and business with an infrared roof moisture survey, we can help. Contact us today to learn more!