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Did you know that improperly maintained roofing systems are a leading cause of premature failure?

When considering roof repair or replacement options, knowing its condition is important. Fortunately, it’s our mission to assist our clients in effective roofing system management. Regular assessments can help save you time and money for future repairs and replacements. With comprehensive roof portfolio management services from Preferred Roofing Solutions, you will know the exact condition your roof systems are in at all times.

Why Roof Portfolio Management is Important

The most important tool that a building owner can have to protect their commercial roofing asset is information. Proper care and preventive maintenance is the best way to extend your roof’s life and find small issues before they become larger and more costly. Once the need for preventive maintenance has been recognized, a proper management program is needed to handle the cost of accounting, budgeting, and scheduling of the necessary inspections and repairs. With proactive roof asset management, you can minimize the impact of premature roof failure, improve its reliability, and save money on repairs.

Additionally, comprehensive roof portfolio management will help ensure that:

  • Costs associated with repairing consequential damages are minimized
  • Leaks are prevented before equipment and inventory is damaged
  • The roof is maintained at a high-performing level
  • The buildings and contents are better protected
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Roof Management Should Be Proactive

Roof management and maintenance programs, when properly implemented, can effectively extend the service life of a roof system while also removing some of the complications that come with this important building component. Our roof experts are fully qualified to provide relevant knowledge and quality advice to help you prepare and protect your properties.

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How Preferred Roofing Solutions Can Help

When you understand your roof, you are better able to make the most accurate and informed decisions for your business. A few program options that we offer include:

  • Annual maintenance programs – Helps keep your roofs in a maintainable condition and limit the likelihood of an unexpected expense.
  • Comprehensive roof analysis – Provides you with a foundation on which to make knowledgeable decisions about your roof asset.
  • Detailed budgets with forecasting – Develops accurate budgets for your roof spend.
  • Life-cycle cost analysis – Assists in determining the best course of action.

As a portfolio manager or building owner, you will know everything about your roofs and have the ability to obtain that information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the ability to provide you with access to information on all of your roofs, day or night. PRS can design a program to meet your specific needs and help you to effectively manage your entire roof portfolio. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial roof management services!