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Having a new roof installed is a substantial investment.

However, many building owners tend to get caught up in choosing the most cost friendly roof for their building. While this is important, it’s even more crucial that you consider adequate warranty protection. After all, wind, hail, debris, and other factors can cause minor or severe damage to your roof and building.

At Preferred Roofing Solutions, we understand the frustrations associated with warranty management. But we’re confident that with the right guidance, you can cut through the noise and understand your true coverage.

Understanding the Basics of Warranty Management

You can trust the PRS team to give you advice and guidance throughout the claims process. We will manage all your warranty information in a central location that you can access when the situation arises. In addition, we have the ability to evaluate any roof system in order to determine the cause of the problem and help you navigate through the warranty claim process.

When your roof is under warranty, there are typically two types involved. The first, and most common warranty, is the roofing material warranty. This covers material flaws and offers protection in the event that the material is defective. The second is a roofing workmanship warranty. This warranty offers protection for labor and installation.

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How Claims Assistance Can Help

Filing a roof warranty claim when you have compelling evidence of a manufacturer or contractor failure is a time-consuming process, but it’s well worth it. As with any warranty claim, it’s essential to get in touch with your membrane manufacture company as quickly as possible. Be sure to take photos of damage, repairs, and anything else that you may think is relevant to your claim. You should also get in touch with a repair team as quickly as possible to help you prevent further damage.

PRS has national coverage that allows for rapid roof assessment & inspection response time for severe weather events.

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Using the Right Company for the Job

No one expects a roofing problem. But when there is one, PRS is committed to processing your warranty claim as quickly and accurately as possible. Knowledgeable consulting firms should understand the warranty process and how to work with manufactures to ensure that you navigate through the warranty claim process successfully. If you need help with warranty claims or have any questions about the process, we’re here to help.